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No one will dispute this fact: This Constitution was written in a secret Constitutional Convention.

No attempt was ever made to discover all the secrets of the Constitution until now. The Constitutional Coloring Book will allow you to see what has been hidden within the Constitution for more than 220 years. The application of a little color will magically draw out every secret that has been buried in this venerable document. The truth will finally come out—drawn out by you. Here are just a few secrets that will be revealed to you:

  • There are no less than 5 Presidents in the Constitution.
  • The President Elect has never taken the proper oath to the Office of President.
  • No President has ever taken an oath to support the written Constitution.
  • The President elected by the Electors appoints the President of the United States.
  • George Washington established the precedent of appointing himself to be President of the United States.
  • The Commander in Chief in this Constitution is not the President of the United States.
  • The Chief Justice is not a Judicial Officer.
  • The legislative power of Congress is limited Washington, D. C., federal territory and the possessions of the United States of America.
  • The United States Supreme Court is not a Judicial Court.
  • Washington, D. C. and Puerto Rico are considered to be States of the Union.

All you know about the Constitution is what you have been told and what you have been told is all wrong. Government is broken and can’t be fixed because no one knows what the government law that put it together really is. We can all agree that unconstitutional laws are void—what can be done with an unconstitutional Constitution?

George Washington appointed himself President of the United States by taking the oath of Office of President of the United States. In that oath Washington promised to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution of the United States. George Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention, so we can be sure that he knew “preserve, protect and defend” does not mean “to support.” The Article VI oath “to support this Constitution” means to adopt “this Constitution,” and no President of the United States or member of Congress has ever taken an oath “to support this Constitution.” An unconstitutional Constitution is a constitution that is not “this Constitution.”

The Constitution of the United States is an inventory of the territory and other property belonging to the United States of America. The Constitution of the United States is simply an unconstitutional Constitution, because it is not “this Constitution.”


Your ability to read is all that will survive a year after you end your formal education. Unless you have been trained to be a mathematician, scientist or engineer, how you think will depend on what you see and what you listen to. George Washington made it impossible for most people to see the Office of President, Office of President of the United States and President of the United States of America as three different Offices. All education in America perpetuates the melding of the Presidents into one man and as a consequence written law has been perverted into what the judiciary says it is.

Because you have learned to read the way government wants you to read, the folklore of the Constitution persists as written slogans. The phrase: “the supreme Law of the Land” is repeated everywhere until the Constitution is believed to be the law above all law everywhere. The Constitution, as black letter law, is the supreme law for government and the land government can govern but it isn’t law for people and the land they own. The Constitution binds the States of the Union, but it isn’t the law for the President of the United States and the Congress, because not one person in government has ever sworn an oath “to support this Constitution,” as required in Article VI of the Constitution.

Written law must be reserved for the exclusive use of government, so it is written with substantial limitations as to persons and most important—territory. Government makes written laws for those who consent to be governed. The government secret? You don’t have to consent to be governed. You can govern yourself—you can preside over your own life and be your own President.

Reading in black and white and being told what you have read is over. The Constitution is about to get a color makeover and you are going to apply the colors.

You are, now, going to learn how to read and understand the correct and original intent of the Constitution by the application of a little living color. The most important fact you will learn about the Constitution is that it is not about you nor is it about any place where you will likely live.

The Constitution adds some embellishments to two existing governments: First, a government for the Land of the inhabitants and settlers of the Northwest Territory and any future federal territory and Second, an expansion of the government of the States under the Articles of Confederation.


Today, Barack Obama had a news conference, where he introduced Mary Schapiro as a replacement for the current head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Christopher Cox.

In response to a question, Obama said that he wants to bring back a “restoration of a sense of responsibility.”

Actual responsibility is not possible in America with a President of the United States claiming authority to rule. What is suggested in these posts and what is proven in the course materials is the military model upon which the U.S. Government is based. The person elected by the Presidential electors openly and defiantly takes no oath “to support this Constitution,” instead he takes an oath to occupy and hold government property. That kind of administration is a military occupation. The premise of this government is you are on its property and you will do what the President of the United States orders.

The President and Congress of the United States have taken individual responsibility from the people by a subtle though effective military takeover. George Washington instituted that bloodless coup on April 30, 1789 and Barack Hussein Obama is poised to become the 44th person to do it at noon on January 20, 2009.

Take personal responsibility for your own personal finances by knowing the difference between the Office of President and the Office of President of the United States. If the Offices in this Constitution were stocks, no one would confuse one with another. Someone who tries to cheat an investor by name confusion is a crook. Those who try to pass one President for another are also crooked.

Bernard Madoff is a small time crook compared to the 43 Presidents of the United States, who have saddled us with one Ponzi scheme after another. Now that you know how George Washington pulled off the greatest military defeat of a free people, you can start exercising your personal responsibility by confirming what you feel is the truth.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

The recent admission of negligence by federal Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox of negligence in overseeing the activities of Bernard Madoff provides just the most recent evidence of that government is broken beyond repair.

The SEC was created by President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt to protect investors from being cheated by the companies whose stock was to be regulated by the SEC.

Regulatory bodies like the SEC are part of the military government headed by the President of the United States. I teach that the United States Government has grown pursuant to the authority claimed by the President of the United States to administer the territory and other property belonging to the United States of America.

George Washington, the first President of the United States, broke the Government of the United States, in favor of the United States Government, he and insiders in the Congress would create legislatively. The military take over of the government under the Articles of Confederation was necessary, so he could collect taxes for the Congress of the United States.

Washington broke the civilian government by taking the oath of Office of President of the United States instead of the oath of office to the Office of President.

Washington was elected to the Office of President on February 4, 1789, but he took the oath of Office to the Office of President of the United States on April 30, 1789, the exact date Washington broke the government under the Articles of Confederation. All current written laws are being made under the authority of a military commander. The President of the United States is Commander in Chief pursuant to statutory authority created by Congress. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is a result of the exercise of that military authority.

The Ponzi scheme created by Bernard Madoff will not be the biggest ever that distinction will go the United States Government.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

There seems to be universal agreement in Illinois that the Governor is insane and his impeachment has been under consideration for more than a year. It appears to me that the Governor’s insanity is being pushed by the media to protect President Elect Barack Hussein Obama’s reputation.

If State of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is crazy, what does that make Barack Hussein Obama? Barack Obama gave him his United States Senate seat.

Neither man is crazy. They both are rather astute politicians, but Barack Obama is far superior to Rod Blagojevich, at least in his ability to game the system.

Barack Obama’s fatal lapse in judgment was the timing of his resignation. Obama’s premature resignation handed Rod Blagojevich a United States Senate seat that would ultimately be put up for auction.

Barack Obama did not quit his day job, so that he could better feel the pain of the growing unemployed. Obama resigned so Governor Rod Blagojevich could appoint his successor.

Obama quit, when he did, so Governor Rod Blagojevich could pick someone from a list prepared under the direction of Barack Hussein Obama.

Throughout the transition period, Barack Obama has said there is only one President at a time. That is, of course, a misstatement. Today the Presidential Electors have met to pick the person who will be President of the United States of America under the Articles of Confederation. That President or the person elected to the Office of President will pick himself to be President of the United States and the federal scam might continue on January 20, 2009 for another four years.

At the bottom of the Rod Blagojevich mess will be found Barack Obama’s bad judgment in trading in the vehicle that got him into the White House to a sane crook.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera




New York Giant’s star Plaxico Burress shot himself in the thigh with a handgun in a New York night club.

The State of New York severely restricts gun ownership and Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York wants the football player in prison.

Section 2 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 set up thirteen districts that were to become military occupation districts headed by a district judge. These military districts and quasi-judicial officers in charge of them would, of course, form around federal laws enacted by Congress.

The 50 State governments have evolved to complement the federal “judicial districts” first established in 1789 to govern outside federal property. The government of the State of New York would eventually evolve from the federal District of New York of Judiciary Act of 1789.

Surprisingly, the territory of today’s State of New York is the same as the territory of all the federal district courts in New York.

Will someone tell Plaxico Burress that he should start reading the posts on this website, so he can start preparing to challenge the territorial jurisdiction of the State of New York.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

If OJ had become one of my law students when I started my law school, he would be a free man today.


In his allocution, OJ couldn’t keep separate Nevada and the State of Nevada.  The English common law permits a man to use necessary force to reclaim his own property, so what Simpson did to reclaim, what he thought was his property was lawful.  All of Las Vegas is Nevada.


The State of Nevada is the United States, where the English common law is not the law.  The law in the State of Nevada is the law made in conformity with the Constitution of the United States.


The Judiciary Act of 1789 created the first trial courts established in conformity with the Constitution of the United States.  In Section 2 of that Act, the United States is divided into thirteen districts.  On the date of enactment, September 24, 1789, only eleven States of the original thirteen had ratified “this Constitution,” so the first district was “to be limited and called as follows, to wit: one to consist of that part of the State of Massachusetts which lies easterly of the State of New Hampshire, and to be called Maine District.”


The Maine District and the Kentucky District, when added to the eleven States that had ratified ”this Constitution,” constituted the thirteen districts.  Maine and Kentucky were part of the Confederacy known as the United States of America, however, Maine would not be admitted as a State until March 15, 1820.  Kentucky became a State much sooner, on June 1, 1792, but on the effective date of the Judiciary Act of 1789 it was just the property of the United States of America.


It is a government secret that all courts administering written law in conformity with the Constitution of the United States are legislative in power and not judicial.  Proprietary power is the authority exercised by the judges sitting in these courts. 


The State of Nevada is comprised of property belonging to the United States of America, which is almost three quarters of Nevada, but does not include Las Vegas.  If Simpson committed a crime in Las Vegas, it would have to be a common law crime and he would have to be charged according to the English common law. 


The laws Simpson was alleged to have violated were written laws enacted by the State Legislature of the State of Nevada for the State of Nevada.  The judges and legislative representatives in the State  of Nevada are elected by voters who must be citizens of the United States.  The Simpson jurors must also have been citizens of the United States and domiciled in the State of Nevada.


My students get a lot more instruction on this subject than this post, but even this brief post is substantially more than any attorney admitted to practice by the State Bar of Nevada knows about the subject.


There now appears to be an extremely substantial belief that Simpson did murder two people.  A State of California jury found him not guilty of those two crimes.  Those murders were not committed in common law California, so he is still subject to common law murder charges there.  Real justice remains to be done.


Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera


Several lawsuits have been brought to prove that President Barack Obama is not qualified to be President.  The attorneys who have brought these lawsuits have managed only to show how poorly they understand presidential history and how the government actually works.

George Washington was not qualified to fill the Office of President when he was elected on February 4, 1789, because he had not been a resident within the United States for fourteen Years.   Washington’s secret solution to the problem was to take the Office of President of the United States because that Office had no requirements or term of office.

Every President Elect has followed the precedent set by George Washington and yet no one has figured out the impact on the government.  Nothing will prevent President Elect Barack Obama from taking the oath of Office of President of the United States at noon on January 20, 2009.

The bigger government secret will begin to slowly emerge from America’s shadowy past.  There is no Constitution to bind the President of the United States or the President of the United States of America.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera