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If OJ had become one of my law students when I started my law school, he would be a free man today.


In his allocution, OJ couldn’t keep separate Nevada and the State of Nevada.  The English common law permits a man to use necessary force to reclaim his own property, so what Simpson did to reclaim, what he thought was his property was lawful.  All of Las Vegas is Nevada.


The State of Nevada is the United States, where the English common law is not the law.  The law in the State of Nevada is the law made in conformity with the Constitution of the United States.


The Judiciary Act of 1789 created the first trial courts established in conformity with the Constitution of the United States.  In Section 2 of that Act, the United States is divided into thirteen districts.  On the date of enactment, September 24, 1789, only eleven States of the original thirteen had ratified “this Constitution,” so the first district was “to be limited and called as follows, to wit: one to consist of that part of the State of Massachusetts which lies easterly of the State of New Hampshire, and to be called Maine District.”


The Maine District and the Kentucky District, when added to the eleven States that had ratified ”this Constitution,” constituted the thirteen districts.  Maine and Kentucky were part of the Confederacy known as the United States of America, however, Maine would not be admitted as a State until March 15, 1820.  Kentucky became a State much sooner, on June 1, 1792, but on the effective date of the Judiciary Act of 1789 it was just the property of the United States of America.


It is a government secret that all courts administering written law in conformity with the Constitution of the United States are legislative in power and not judicial.  Proprietary power is the authority exercised by the judges sitting in these courts. 


The State of Nevada is comprised of property belonging to the United States of America, which is almost three quarters of Nevada, but does not include Las Vegas.  If Simpson committed a crime in Las Vegas, it would have to be a common law crime and he would have to be charged according to the English common law. 


The laws Simpson was alleged to have violated were written laws enacted by the State Legislature of the State of Nevada for the State of Nevada.  The judges and legislative representatives in the State  of Nevada are elected by voters who must be citizens of the United States.  The Simpson jurors must also have been citizens of the United States and domiciled in the State of Nevada.


My students get a lot more instruction on this subject than this post, but even this brief post is substantially more than any attorney admitted to practice by the State Bar of Nevada knows about the subject.


There now appears to be an extremely substantial belief that Simpson did murder two people.  A State of California jury found him not guilty of those two crimes.  Those murders were not committed in common law California, so he is still subject to common law murder charges there.  Real justice remains to be done.


Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera



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Anyone familiar with my writing should know I have been teaching my students, who have not been taken captive by the government, how to avoid becoming government captives by having them learn how to read the territorial limits found in all written laws.  Simpson’s case is the perfect example of what is wrong with government law.  

The territorial limitations in written laws are treated like government secrets.   Governments are organizations and like all organisms they must grow or they will begin to die.  All American governments have grown because their territorial limitations have not been generally known.   Were they known government would be limited and kept within those territorial limitations. 

Prison populations grow as written laws grow and along with increased law enforcement.   OJ Simpson has become part of the State prison population, because Simpson’s notorious character makes him a target in everything he does.  Simpson’s case is important not because he is innocent.  His case is important because he is obviously guilty of more than the crimes allegedly committed in the State of Nevada.   What is not obvious is the failure to try him for common law murders.   His first murder trial was without territorial jurisdiction.

His latest convictions can only be overturned if the State of Nevada and  it judge and jury had no territorial jurisdiction.  His conviction must be overturned, so that he can be tried again according to the common law in California.   

It is fitting that the morally dubious Simpson should be the focus of  two heinous murders and a petty claim of robbery kidnapping, because of government’s power grab based on word play involving the word “Constitution.”   Simpson is a product of modern government.

Constitutional word play extends to the government players.  Declaring one’s self a citizen of the United States is a low form of self inflicted captivity for the judge and jury because it allows their capture by State of Nevada law and government. 

As unsympathetic as Simpson is,  allowing himself to be tried and convicted for an act committed outside government’s jurisdiction is, of course, a provable miscarriage of justice.  Simpson’s first mistake was believing that government is fair and can deliver justice.  Simpson’s second mistake was hiring an attorney.  Judas Iscariot was attorney for Jesus Christ and though what happened to Jesus was a fulfillment of prophesy, what would happen to Simpson and you would be just plain and simple injustice.  An attorney at law marries you to the system of written law the attorney believes applies in your case.  Unfortunately for Simpson and us, the attorney he hired only knows one law and that is the written law of the State.  We are all punished for putting up with ignorant Judas attorneys.

Simpson believes he was justified in retrieving his own property.  Statute law says otherwise because the statute law exists to “protect, preserve and defend” the property belonging to the United States of America.   The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land in the State of Nevada.

Today, the media is criticizing Simpson and his attorney for not making a plea deal with the State of Nevada.  Their reluctance to cop a deal with the devil State is our opportunity to show the world the truth about American justice. 

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

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I graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles Law School in 1971, but I’m the self-taught World’s Greatest Legal Mind.  I admit I made up the title to call attention to what I write in this blog.  I only have a diploma awarding me a Juris Doctor degree and a certificate acknowledging my admission in the State Bar of the State of California.  The purpose of this website is to prove that I am the world’s greatest legal mind.   

What I teach no law school anywhere teaches and what I teach I didn’t learn in any law school.  What I teach can be found by reading these posts.  Barack Obama will always be tenatative about what he knows, because he actually knows very little.

So, what did Barack Obama learn at Harvard Law School?  What did he learn there that will help him do what he will promise to do, when he takes the oath of Office of President of the United States?

We know one thing he didn’t learn–the President of the United States does not serve for a definite term of office.  All living Presidents of the United States are still Presidents of the United States.  Their terms as Presidents of the United States of America are set at four Years.  Those terms have an expiration date, a shelf life a President of the United States just goes on and on and on.  That is the trouble with all schooling you are only taught what they want you to know.  

I think President Elect Obama is worse off for having gone to law school, because he now thinks he knows the law.  Now that he has been elected President in a popular election he thinks he can make laws that everyone in America will have to obey.  The laws Congress makes are very limited that is the truth that Barack Obama does not want you to know.  Members of the Libertarian Party are not aware that the government is already severely limited.

Barack Obama doesn’t want you to know the truth about the two kinds of law–written and unwritten.  He and Congress can write law for the government and the territory and other property belonging to the United States of America.  Unwritten English Common Law is the law in 49 of the 50 states, but hardly any attorney licensed by the States of the Union created by the Constitution knows that law.

Barack Obama doesn’t really understand the Constitution sufficiently to be bound by it.  Anyone with the ability to read and think who diligently studies this blog will know more about the written Constitution than Barack Obama.

No doubt Barack Obama took what he learned at Harvard Law School and taught that at the University of Chicago Law School.  What does Harvard Law School teach about the Constitution?  Harvard Law teaches what every other accredited law school teaches: the Constitution is the “supreme Law of the Land.”   The “Law of the Land” is alliterative and poetic but untrue except for what the government owns.

Law and Land are capitalized to emphasize that law is a special law and land is a special land.  The astute reader will have learned that written law is always limited to a territory described in the written law.  The Land is the land owned by the United States of America   Ownership confers proprietary law making power in the Congress of the United States with law making power.

Which Congress is which?  Article I Section:  “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.  That Congress can only make laws for government and government property.  That is what President Elect Barack Obama is being taught in briefings today.

He is learning to lie by sound bite.  Every time he speaks, before January 20, 2009, he carefully conditions every thing he says with the lie: “There is only one President at a time.”

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

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English colonists brought the English common law with them, when they came to America.  The common law remained the law after July 4, 1776 and even after the 1783 Treaty of Paris recognized the thirteen states as free and independent of Great Britain, the English common law was still the law of the people.

Only in Louisiana is the law not the common law.   Readers new to my research and writing are wondering about all the written law they know to exist.  What is the place of written law?  In America, all written law is law for government.  The President of the United States really does run the country, if you want to believe that.  The truth is the President’s country is defined in the written law and you are not in it.  

The New Year’s resolutions you wrote down and promised to follow are laws for government.  They are self-imposed rules, but they were made to govern you.  The English common law allows you to rule yourself, provided you know the law that rules the king.  The English King, according to the Declaration of Independence violated his rules. 

The purpose of the English common law is to, also, govern behavior by making rules that are enforced by the people themselves sitting in grand and petit juries.  Questions of a common law marriage have to be determined by common law jurors, when the married partners can’t resolve them without resort to legal process.

Traditionally, the sheriff facilitated the operation of the common law by assembling the jurors for a common law trial.  Today, sheriffs operate the county jail and perform written law enforcement.   The people are not taught the law or its history, so they are doomed to repeat all the mistakes.  I am trying to teach them so they can qualify as common law jurors. 

Shortly, after the people defeated the British and removed the King of England from power here, government began to encroach on the rights of the people just as had been described in the Declaration of Independence. 

George Washington led the forces that began the destruction of the common law with the substitution of written government law.  That process is a frequent topic here, so it will not be discussed in detail.  The so-called Founding Fathers created a law making system and law enforcement system called the United States Government that begins to systematically create written law system for the people of the United States as soon as nine States ratify the Constitution.

George Washington was trusted and thought to be honest by most people, so he was able to publically take an oath that would require him to “preserve, protect and defend” the property of the government without regard to the “unalienable Rights” of the people.  The oath taken by the President of the United States is the model for the United States Government, as well as, all the other oaths in States and local governments.

Because every President of the United States of America has appointed himself to be President of the United States, every President performs the only oath he has taken as if he is an occupying military commanding officer.  As a military occupation is incompatible with the English common law, the common law has been ignored, as written government law has been extended beyond government property.          

Codes written by State governments have sought to replace the common law for the people within the state.  State Constitutions are subordinated to “this Constitution” by the language in Article VI:  “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all the Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

“This Constitution” and the State constitutions which are established pursuant to Article VI are the exclusive sources of authority for all the law written for government.  Close examination of all State constitutions will reveal that they only apply to government, to government property and on government land.   

The gay marriage controversey makes the licensing of the right to marry the perfect example of the difference between written government law and the English common law.  Obtaining a license to marry under written law requires the marriage licensing clerk to qualify the applicants and procure from them the tax or license fee.  The application for the State issued marriage license will require the applicants to make themselves subject to State law.

Common law marriage does not involve written government law and is not recognized by the Government of the United States and most State governments.  Common law marriage is not subject to licensing, recordation or registration.

Civil marriage is a relationship subject to direct government regulation by taxation, licensing and registration, because government is an acknowledged party to every civil marriage.  Marriage is the coupling or joining into one.  The forces of attraction cannot be overcome, but after the honeymoon is over where will the couple live?

The State of California is government and government land in California.  California is the place where the people really do try to get along.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

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