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If OJ had become one of my law students when I started my law school, he would be a free man today.


In his allocution, OJ couldn’t keep separate Nevada and the State of Nevada.  The English common law permits a man to use necessary force to reclaim his own property, so what Simpson did to reclaim, what he thought was his property was lawful.  All of Las Vegas is Nevada.


The State of Nevada is the United States, where the English common law is not the law.  The law in the State of Nevada is the law made in conformity with the Constitution of the United States.


The Judiciary Act of 1789 created the first trial courts established in conformity with the Constitution of the United States.  In Section 2 of that Act, the United States is divided into thirteen districts.  On the date of enactment, September 24, 1789, only eleven States of the original thirteen had ratified “this Constitution,” so the first district was “to be limited and called as follows, to wit: one to consist of that part of the State of Massachusetts which lies easterly of the State of New Hampshire, and to be called Maine District.”


The Maine District and the Kentucky District, when added to the eleven States that had ratified ”this Constitution,” constituted the thirteen districts.  Maine and Kentucky were part of the Confederacy known as the United States of America, however, Maine would not be admitted as a State until March 15, 1820.  Kentucky became a State much sooner, on June 1, 1792, but on the effective date of the Judiciary Act of 1789 it was just the property of the United States of America.


It is a government secret that all courts administering written law in conformity with the Constitution of the United States are legislative in power and not judicial.  Proprietary power is the authority exercised by the judges sitting in these courts. 


The State of Nevada is comprised of property belonging to the United States of America, which is almost three quarters of Nevada, but does not include Las Vegas.  If Simpson committed a crime in Las Vegas, it would have to be a common law crime and he would have to be charged according to the English common law. 


The laws Simpson was alleged to have violated were written laws enacted by the State Legislature of the State of Nevada for the State of Nevada.  The judges and legislative representatives in the State  of Nevada are elected by voters who must be citizens of the United States.  The Simpson jurors must also have been citizens of the United States and domiciled in the State of Nevada.


My students get a lot more instruction on this subject than this post, but even this brief post is substantially more than any attorney admitted to practice by the State Bar of Nevada knows about the subject.


There now appears to be an extremely substantial belief that Simpson did murder two people.  A State of California jury found him not guilty of those two crimes.  Those murders were not committed in common law California, so he is still subject to common law murder charges there.  Real justice remains to be done.


Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera



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The Willacy County Grand Jury of the Great State of Texas has indicted the Vice President and former Attorney General of the United States.   

Nothing will come of this indictment, because all written law in this country is subordinate to law known as the Constitution of the United States, which uses the written Constitution of 1787 as a source of parts for the Federal Constitution of the United States and United States statute law.  Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes proclaimed the Constitution is what the Justices of the Supreme Court say it is.  They make it up as they go along.  The written law that comes from the top in Washington D.C. will always trump attempts locally to achieve justice.

The unwritten law in this country is the English common law.  It would be the law everywhere except Louisiana and where the government owns the land.   Written law has only one source–the Constitution, which has been ratified by the States, but never adopted by the President and Congress.  The President and Congress of the United States create law for the property owned by the United States of America and pass it off with substantial political stealth as countrywide in its application.  The authority for the law comes from property rights not sovereignty.

The Constitution is slavishly revered by the multitudes, because it is so poorly understood.  It really is ordained and established as  religion and a church would be ordained with its ministers and grand high principles.  Such a personal ordination and establishment is of no legal consequence except as a means to achieve the acceptance and consent of the people to be governed at an unprecedented level.

The States assuredly ratified the Constitution and that ratification is legally binding and valid, but it extends no further than territory and other property belonging to the United States of America.  Lysander Spooner wrote a critique of the Constitution called: No Treason The Constitution of No Authority.  He missed the fact that the States have ratified “this Constitution,” and that ratification binds them to accept proprietary law disguised as the United States Constitution and Code.  The grand jurors in Willacy County are close to understanding that they have nothing to do with any government land in Willacy County, but they are now too deep in the forest to see the trees.

It’s not, as Lysander Spooner suggested, that the Constitution has no authority.  It has a little authority, but that limited authority hasn’t kept government  from stretching that little bit into something much bigger than what it started with.  The Constitution, as re-constituted by George Washington has enough authority to create a United States Government, a government for the territory and other property belonging to the United States of America.  That authority is derived from land and property ownership.  The authority exercised over the United States by Dick Cheney and Alberto is much greater than any authority claimed by any grand jury sitting in South Texas and that will be enough to defeat the indictment by the good people of Willacy County.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

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