Today, Barack Obama had a news conference, where he introduced Mary Schapiro as a replacement for the current head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Christopher Cox.

In response to a question, Obama said that he wants to bring back a “restoration of a sense of responsibility.”

Actual responsibility is not possible in America with a President of the United States claiming authority to rule. What is suggested in these posts and what is proven in the course materials is the military model upon which the U.S. Government is based. The person elected by the Presidential electors openly and defiantly takes no oath “to support this Constitution,” instead he takes an oath to occupy and hold government property. That kind of administration is a military occupation. The premise of this government is you are on its property and you will do what the President of the United States orders.

The President and Congress of the United States have taken individual responsibility from the people by a subtle though effective military takeover. George Washington instituted that bloodless coup on April 30, 1789 and Barack Hussein Obama is poised to become the 44th person to do it at noon on January 20, 2009.

Take personal responsibility for your own personal finances by knowing the difference between the Office of President and the Office of President of the United States. If the Offices in this Constitution were stocks, no one would confuse one with another. Someone who tries to cheat an investor by name confusion is a crook. Those who try to pass one President for another are also crooked.

Bernard Madoff is a small time crook compared to the 43 Presidents of the United States, who have saddled us with one Ponzi scheme after another. Now that you know how George Washington pulled off the greatest military defeat of a free people, you can start exercising your personal responsibility by confirming what you feel is the truth.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera


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