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Today, Barack Obama had a news conference, where he introduced Mary Schapiro as a replacement for the current head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Christopher Cox.

In response to a question, Obama said that he wants to bring back a “restoration of a sense of responsibility.”

Actual responsibility is not possible in America with a President of the United States claiming authority to rule. What is suggested in these posts and what is proven in the course materials is the military model upon which the U.S. Government is based. The person elected by the Presidential electors openly and defiantly takes no oath “to support this Constitution,” instead he takes an oath to occupy and hold government property. That kind of administration is a military occupation. The premise of this government is you are on its property and you will do what the President of the United States orders.

The President and Congress of the United States have taken individual responsibility from the people by a subtle though effective military takeover. George Washington instituted that bloodless coup on April 30, 1789 and Barack Hussein Obama is poised to become the 44th person to do it at noon on January 20, 2009.

Take personal responsibility for your own personal finances by knowing the difference between the Office of President and the Office of President of the United States. If the Offices in this Constitution were stocks, no one would confuse one with another. Someone who tries to cheat an investor by name confusion is a crook. Those who try to pass one President for another are also crooked.

Bernard Madoff is a small time crook compared to the 43 Presidents of the United States, who have saddled us with one Ponzi scheme after another. Now that you know how George Washington pulled off the greatest military defeat of a free people, you can start exercising your personal responsibility by confirming what you feel is the truth.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera


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There seems to be universal agreement in Illinois that the Governor is insane and his impeachment has been under consideration for more than a year. It appears to me that the Governor’s insanity is being pushed by the media to protect President Elect Barack Hussein Obama’s reputation.

If State of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is crazy, what does that make Barack Hussein Obama? Barack Obama gave him his United States Senate seat.

Neither man is crazy. They both are rather astute politicians, but Barack Obama is far superior to Rod Blagojevich, at least in his ability to game the system.

Barack Obama’s fatal lapse in judgment was the timing of his resignation. Obama’s premature resignation handed Rod Blagojevich a United States Senate seat that would ultimately be put up for auction.

Barack Obama did not quit his day job, so that he could better feel the pain of the growing unemployed. Obama resigned so Governor Rod Blagojevich could appoint his successor.

Obama quit, when he did, so Governor Rod Blagojevich could pick someone from a list prepared under the direction of Barack Hussein Obama.

Throughout the transition period, Barack Obama has said there is only one President at a time. That is, of course, a misstatement. Today the Presidential Electors have met to pick the person who will be President of the United States of America under the Articles of Confederation. That President or the person elected to the Office of President will pick himself to be President of the United States and the federal scam might continue on January 20, 2009 for another four years.

At the bottom of the Rod Blagojevich mess will be found Barack Obama’s bad judgment in trading in the vehicle that got him into the White House to a sane crook.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera




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This Constitution, meaning the written Constitution, has never been Adopted and that is why no President Elect has ever filled the Office of President.  Every President Elect has taken the oath of Office of President of the United States, an office with no term of office and no qualifications.


No member of Congress has ever taken the Article VI oath to “support this Constitution.”  As the “executive” and “legislative” branches have not adopted “this Constitution,” it has been impossible to ordain and establish “the judicial Power of the United States.”


The States have ratified both this Constitution and the Second Amendment, so that Amendment is binding on the States, but not on Congress or the President of the United States.  The United States is the property of the United States of America and is administered by the President of the United States pursuant to proprietary and military authority legislated by the Congress.


Presidents of the United States are opposed to private gun ownership because it might interfere with any military authority they might assert in America, but outside the United States.


Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

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It is said that a good lie can travel half way around the world before the truth has its pants on.  Well, at least the truth is getting ready to go out in public. 

The truth is the world is ending a 5,000 year cycle of the written word and graven image and entering a new cycle of spirituality.  The old cycle has been dominated by a militarism characterized by rigid laws and domineering governments.

As the year 2012 comes nearer, larger signs of real change will appear.  These are not times to be a bystander.  Everything on this website is intended to draw the reader to the truth can be verified against the truth reported on the Internet.   For all of us here on Earth right now, the beginning of a new 5,000 year cycle is the end of the old world and the beginning of a new one.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

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Today is Thanksgiving Day.  Something we should all be thankful for is being alive and while we are alive we should prepare for the day when we stop being alive and start the afterlife.  We prepare for life after death by following the unwritten law of life on Earth.  Government law has always been intended for those who could not or would not follow the unwritten law.

We should all start thinking of living under the English common law in the 49 states where it is the law.  The bad economic times that are being experienced all over the world are acknowledged to be caused by government laws. 

Thanksgiving is the one special meal of all the countless critically important daily meals we must all have to sustain life on Earth.  We celebrate this day because everything we will consume today was provided by people just like us who want us to thrive.

Thank you for reading these posts and thinking about what I have written. 

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

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Members of the Cult of the Constitution are at it again.  Philip J. Berg, a State of Pennsylvania attorney and Cult member, filed a lawsuit to have John McCain and Barack Obama disqualified as candidates for President.  McCain lost the popular election, so the Cultists stopped beating that dead horse even though he will still get Electoral votes this December.

The We the People Foundation http://www.wethepeoplefoundation.org , and www.GiveMeLiberty.org which unsuccessfully beat the drum for the First Amendment right to petition, are now leading the cause to disqualify Barack Obama, because he is not a natural born Citizen.  Bob Schulz, WTP Foundation leader, does not learn from defeat.

George Washington, never took the Article VI oath “to support this Constitution,” so the Constitution has never been “Adopted” by the government.  At noon on January 20, 2009 Barack Obama will be the 44th President not to take the oath of Office of President of the United States and no other.  The territory of that United States is quite scenic and though sparsely populated hundreds of millions will claim they live there.  Such is the strength of the Cult of the Constitution.

The Cult of the Constitution is one of the most enduring.  It is doing serious damage to reality and the truth.  If you have become become a fervent adherent of this devilish document, you are in need of expert de-programing.  Keep reading these posts or better yet become one of my students.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

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Two Border Patrol Agents named Jose Campeon and Ignacio Ramos were in the news today.  They were trying to get a female United States district court judge to reduce a mandatory ten year prison sentence for using a firearm in the commission of a felony.  She turned them down.

The news people report that they are next going to try getting a Presidential pardon from the new President.   Just in case you haven’t  heard Lou Dobbs bemoan the fate of these two guys, the United States Government charged them by a grand jury indictment with shooting an unarmed drug smuggler in the butt.  The two had a jury trial and were convicted.

How do you defend yourself in the so-called federal court?  The first thing you do is challenge the qualifications of the grand jury.  Grand and petit jurors in United States district court must be U.S. citizens and residents of the judicial district for one year.

Just for the purposes of our discussion of what Ramos and Campeon should have done once they were charged, how would you prove you were a citizen of the United States.  Barack Obama can’t prove he is a natural born Citizen and he has a birth certificate that says he was born in Hawaii.  If you think it is easy to prove U.S. citizenship, you haven’t read enough of these posts.

Proving that you, as a juror, are a resident of  the judicial district is nearly an impossibility.  You aren’t hardly anyone is outside Washington D.C.  The judicial district is the government owned territory within the county or the state.  The only people who live in those places are military personnel and forest rangers. 

Back in the bad old days of racial discrimination, women and minorities were never allowed to be seated on grand juries and trial (petit) juries.  Grand and petit juries were challenged on racial grounds, but no one had ever challenged a grand or petit jury on territorial jurisdictiion grounds. 

The territorial jurisdiction of the United States district is limited to government territory.  If the government doesnt own it and control it, it isn’t the  United States.

How does this keep you out of federal prison?  You cannot be indicted, if not enough of the jurors who voted for the indictment qualify as U.S. citizens and as residents of the district.

The Supreme Territorial Court has confirmed the absolute right to challenge the grand jury in a case called Test v. United STates, 420 U.S. 28 (1975).   I tried to help Martha Stewart attack her conviction, but she may have used this information to secure some other benefit from the government by surrendering and doing her time without much fuss.  Martha Stewart could have easily challenged the trial jurors on their residency within the judicial district, because they appeared on national television to talk about the case.  Of course, any detective could place the trial jurors outside of government territory and outside the judicial district.   

Help Ramos and Campeon to get out of federal prison and you can help anyone  get out.                                       

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

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