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How do we determine the truth about Obama and Biden?  Both Obama and Biden were Senators before they started campaigning for the Office of President.  Obama was a Senator from the State of Illinois for a couple of years and Biden a Senator from Delaware for about three decades.

By reading all the posts on this blog, the reader should know that there are two Senates.  One Senate oversees the operation of the Confederacy known as the United States of America and the other oversees the United States  Government.  Obama’s extremely short experience in the Senate and an analysis of his campaign speeches requires the conclusion that Senator Obama was not aware dual role every Senator plays.

Senator Biden’s long experience in the Senate and his performance in the Vice Presidential Debate with Governor Sarah Palin, also, requires the conclusion that Biden is unaware of his dual role of a Senator.

The truth is neither Obama nor Biden is aware the Government of the United States includes the United States government and that automatically limits the law making power of the Government of the United States to government and government territory and property.  This information is kept secret from everyone in government except those with a need to know.  The truth is you know more about the working of government than does Joe Biden, because he won’t have a need to know until he becomes President.  If Joe Biden hasn’t discovered the truth in more than 30 years, it is not likely that he will soon.

Unfortunately, President Elect Barack Obama will be briefed so that the truth will continue to be hidden from Americans.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera


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