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I have been asked if the Amendments to the Constitution are also invalid?  Written constitutions are the source of more written law.  Written law is always limited and hardly ever invalid. I have called belief in the Constitution a cult and cults can be very powerful. 

“A Constitution,” “this Constitution,” or “the Constitution,” are thoughts that can be believed to varying degrees.

The thought that is “this Constitution” requires that it be “Adopted” and it is clear that it has not.  “The Constitution” has been adopted by the persons who have taken the oath of Office of President of the United States.  “The Constitution” that the President of the United States has sworn to “preserve, protect and defend” are the assets belonging to the United States of America.  All the Amendments must amend the same Constitution. 

“A constitution is defined in a dictionary.  “This Constitution” is the one that contains the phrase “this Constitution” eleven times. 

“The Constitution” is the same as “the United States Constitution,” “the U.S. Constitution,” “the Constitution of the United States” and every other possible variation, except “this Constitution.”

This answer is my version of free public education, if you need a tutorial put some federal reserve notes in a letter with your question and email address.  I will provide you with a worthy reply.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera


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