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The American Presidency is unique–the old one always leaves Office, after the election ritual.  The new President Elect just appeared at the White House to measure the windows for new drapes. 

This is the purpose of the White House–providing a gradual exit.  A dictator doesn’t have a term of office and neither does the POTUS.  George Washington had the White House built so there would be a smooth transition from one dictator to the next.  This vacancy and new occupation of the White House by the new guy is what defines the American Presidential Dictatorship.

George W. Bush has the lowest approval ratings of any modern President, so he was the most unlikely POTUS to overstay his term of POTUSA.  A former POTUS remains in Office till his death, he’s impeached or he resigns in writing.  Like Elvis Bush will just leave the building.

Bush’s failure as President began when his first Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neil failed to substantially reform the federal income tax, after trying to eliminate it entirely.  Everyone hates the income tax, but no one has been able to eliminate it without doing permanent damage to the dictatorship.

 George W. Bush was the best prospect ever to do away with the personal income.  He was a successful governor of a large State without an income tax and so was his younger brother, Jeb Bush.

 Bush failed at the Presidency because 911 made it too easy for him to succeed as a dictator.  The successful Presidents have all achieved a balance between presiding and dictating.  The “Decider” didn’t even try to be Presidential till the very end.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera


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