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The Presidential popular vote is a popularity contest that Barack Obama won and the people lost, because the people were voting for change and they will get the same old politics.  As I reported yesterday, if you voted for Obama, so you could get change you could believe in–forget about it. 

 The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was supposed to change the United States of America for the better and George Washington managed to turn that government into a Roman dictatorship.  Obama talked about real change to get elected, but now that he is close to really accomplishing it he’s given up change and is just trying to do what is necessary to get elected to another term. 

Obama just got his first government briefing as President Elect and it took him no time at all to decide to be POTUS, President of the United States, first then POTUSA, President of the United States of America, and he will never take the oath of Office of President.

To  be President is to have a split personality.  To be viable, the Office of President requires that the Constitution be “Adopted.”   Adoption of the Constitution is only possible when both all members of the Congress of the United States and the Person elected to the Office of President take the Article VI oath “to support this Constitution.”   No member of Congress and no President has ever taken that oath.  I had hoped Obama would be the first.

If President Elect Obama were to take that oath, he would be President pursuant to the written Constitution and POTUSA pursuant to the Articles of Confederation.

All prior 43 Presidents have been POTUSA under the Articles of Confederation and POTUS under a constitution of government territory and bits and pieces of the written Constitution.  Article II Section 1 Clause 1of the written Constitution vests the executive Power in a POTUSA.  That Clause tells us the term of that Office will be four years and there will be a Vice President with the same term of office.  Article 1 Section 7 makes the POTUS a legislative Officer.  The oath of Office of POTUS makes him an executive of a legislative government consisting of government land, Persons on it and the government personnel that assist the POTUS administer it.

The POTUSA needs no Persons to be POTUSA as the United States of America is a Confederacy of independent states.  The POTUS is President of States that are not independent.  The “more perfect Union” of the Constitution is constituted of these government States, so the “Constitution of the United States” is the property belonging to the United States of America.  The continuity of the “Constitution of the United States” is threatened as government States join the United States of America.  To compensate for the loss of States, inhabitants of the states are converted to the status of Persons, citizens of the United States, which is the identity crisis of the people.   

President Elect Obama should have researched and known the constitutional job descriptions for President.  It was said during the Presidential campaign that the Office of President doesn’t lend it’self well to “on the job training.”   The night of his election Barack Obama promised to be truthful and within a few hours he had broken that promise.


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