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Philip J. Berg, a former Pennsylvania deputy attorney general, sued to disqualify now President Elect Barack Obama.  Berg’s suit didn’t go anywhere, because someone doesn’t even  have to be a Person to be POTUS.  That’s right another experienced attorney has misunderstood the Constitution to his discredit.

The Constitution imposes no qualifications for the Office of POTUS, because it is an appointive office not an elective Office.  The Office of President is filled by an election required by Article II of the Constitution.  Presidential Electors participate in that election and they are the sole judges of the qualifications of the candidates for the Office of President.

The Presidential Electors now called the Electoral College pick the POTUSA, the President of the United States of America, an Officer under the Articles of Confederation.   There has never been a Person who has filled the Office of President, because George Washington set the precedent of refusing that Office and appointing himself to be POTUS.

I believe that i am the original discoverer of this information, but I suspected that Barack Obama had also discovered the same information and planned to reveal it as part of his Change You Can Believe In campaign for his election to the Office of President.  I have sought out the truth all my life and this is my greatest discovery thus far.  I am making the information public because I believe it to be absolutely true and because I believe I should receive some credit for its discovery. 

Attorneys have not served the world well.  It is far more important that the world know that the Office of POTUS is appointive, has no qualifications and no term of office than Barack Obama may not be a Citizen of the United States.  It is far more important that the world know the truth about the Constitution than where Obama was born.

I would like to teach those in the world who want to know more about the Constitution and government.  President Elect Barack Obama campaigned for a Change in Government and my discovery promises just that.   I would like to share the materials I use to teach my students with Mr. Berg and I extend this offer to him and any other legal professionals who want to learn more about the Constitution.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera


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