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If OJ had become one of my law students when I started my law school, he would be a free man today.


In his allocution, OJ couldn’t keep separate Nevada and the State of Nevada.  The English common law permits a man to use necessary force to reclaim his own property, so what Simpson did to reclaim, what he thought was his property was lawful.  All of Las Vegas is Nevada.


The State of Nevada is the United States, where the English common law is not the law.  The law in the State of Nevada is the law made in conformity with the Constitution of the United States.


The Judiciary Act of 1789 created the first trial courts established in conformity with the Constitution of the United States.  In Section 2 of that Act, the United States is divided into thirteen districts.  On the date of enactment, September 24, 1789, only eleven States of the original thirteen had ratified “this Constitution,” so the first district was “to be limited and called as follows, to wit: one to consist of that part of the State of Massachusetts which lies easterly of the State of New Hampshire, and to be called Maine District.”


The Maine District and the Kentucky District, when added to the eleven States that had ratified ”this Constitution,” constituted the thirteen districts.  Maine and Kentucky were part of the Confederacy known as the United States of America, however, Maine would not be admitted as a State until March 15, 1820.  Kentucky became a State much sooner, on June 1, 1792, but on the effective date of the Judiciary Act of 1789 it was just the property of the United States of America.


It is a government secret that all courts administering written law in conformity with the Constitution of the United States are legislative in power and not judicial.  Proprietary power is the authority exercised by the judges sitting in these courts. 


The State of Nevada is comprised of property belonging to the United States of America, which is almost three quarters of Nevada, but does not include Las Vegas.  If Simpson committed a crime in Las Vegas, it would have to be a common law crime and he would have to be charged according to the English common law. 


The laws Simpson was alleged to have violated were written laws enacted by the State Legislature of the State of Nevada for the State of Nevada.  The judges and legislative representatives in the State  of Nevada are elected by voters who must be citizens of the United States.  The Simpson jurors must also have been citizens of the United States and domiciled in the State of Nevada.


My students get a lot more instruction on this subject than this post, but even this brief post is substantially more than any attorney admitted to practice by the State Bar of Nevada knows about the subject.


There now appears to be an extremely substantial belief that Simpson did murder two people.  A State of California jury found him not guilty of those two crimes.  Those murders were not committed in common law California, so he is still subject to common law murder charges there.  Real justice remains to be done.


Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera



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I have been told that there are a few folks in the system who can’t wait for the truth to make them free.  They are marked with the sign of the Beast and they say they have been forced to sign the dreaded W-4.  They want their freedom and they want it now. 

The English common law is their salvation. 

The written law is the law of the system.  The English common law and government law are mutually exclusive except in the District of Columbia, where the common law was the law before the ratification of “this Constitution” permitted the Congress to make written law for the United States Government.

Both the English common law and government law require jurors to determine the facts in every civil and criminal case.  Just as common law and government law are mutually exclusive, so should the respective jurors be mutually exclusive.  They are not, because there are no genuine common law jurors.  In the State of California State jurors are qualified to be jurors in the United States district courts within the state.

The districts of the United States district courts are made up of the government land within the counties that comprise those districts.  A State of California juror must be a domiciliary of the State of California, which means that each and every trial juror in any case trying a matter involving the written law must reside on government land.

This is your Thanksgiving present.  You may remove yourself from the jury wheel from any county of any of the 50 States or district of the United States by claiming and showing that you do not reside on government land within the county boundary lines.  Once you establish that you are not qualified to be a State of _____juror or a juror for the local United States district court, you can make it your duty to inform everyone else of the true qualifications for a juror in the state and the State.  

Every litigant including any criminal defendant has a right to object to the lack of qualifications of any prospective juror.  Because most jury trials are managed by incompetent attorneys, none of them have discovered that the two law systems the English common law and written government law occupy two different territories.

What you do with your gift is up to you.  The more people you share it with the faster you will get the ultimate reward–your freedom.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

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