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How can Libertarians think that a Libertarian government is obtainable by popular election?  How stupid is that?  Will voting for a vegetarian reduce obesity in America?  Has a Libertarian ever been elected to any public office and what good would it do?  Onerous government prevails in America because the Constitution is misunderstood.

Limited government existed in America under the Articles of  Confederation.    Once a few years passed the memory of the English king faded, the ancient biblical clamor for a king was roused up and it was inevitable that the prominent property owners would propose more government as a solution to a temporary  economic downturn.  The man who claimed he would not be king, led a Constitutional Convention that created an Office of President without qualifications or a term of office key features of a dictator.

Libertarian government is easily achieved just by understanding the Constitution has not been “Adopted.”  George Washington, the first President, never “Adopted” the Constitution by taking the Article VI oath “to support this Constitution.”   There is no Constitution outside Washington D. C. and the government property to be found in the states of the first Union. 

Washington was properly elected President of the United States of America, under the Articles of Confederation, when the Presidential Electors picked him for the Office of President.   Everyone knows that Washington took the oath of Office of President of the United States, but no one till now has called attention to the fact that it was one far different from the Office of President.  Libertarians, more than any  other minor politicaal party, should have been out in front looking for loopholes in the Constitution.   

Can there be a bigger loophole than the Constitution was never adopted?  There can be no doubt that “We the People of the United States” have created a cult of the Constitution by ordaining and establishing it, but no President and no member of Congress has ever sworn or affirmed to support it.

The States ratified this Constitution, but it was never up to them to adopt it that could only be done by the President and Congress.   A fresh investigation of the Constitution will shrink government to the property owned by the United States of America.  I have presented much of that investigation here all that remains is the scrutiny of those seriously interested in real change.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera


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